The Truth About Your Copier Quote

The Truth is...You Paid Too Much

The Truth is...You Paid Too Much

When you don’t have all the information about the copier contract you were quoted, you’re probably paying too much.   I know you’re busy here in Jacksonville.   Life is full of decisions, commitments, and deadlines.    When your copier rep shows you just one number, it’s a relief.   You know you have unlimited copies, everything is included, maintenance is free, and they’ll set it up.   Perfect…You think.   However, that $346 a month number you’re looking at is (unless you’re copier rep is the Dali Llama) filled with margin.   This is what I do, so I know how easy it is pad the monthly price.

That margin is probably filled with a lot of things you don’t know about.   Here’s a little list of what you’re most likely paying for:

1. More copies than you need (if your printing volume is normally 10,000 pages per month, your contract can have from 15,000 to 25,000 worth of copies in the toner allowance)

2. Install fee.   This can also be inflated, so you don’t know if you’re paying an arm and a leg for something you could have a third party do at half the price.

3. Extra options you’ll never use on your new copier.   Do you really need booklet binding and every other gadget on your copier?

4. A bigger and more expensive machine than you really need.   Small offices here in Jacksonville can be crowded with the largest, most amazing copiers with all the bells and whistles, that are used for 3,000 copies a month.   I know it may seem like a lot of copies if you’re the only user, but for the large copiers, it’s a little like idling around Jacksonville in a Ferrari!   They are made to do large print volumes.

These are few ways your single-number copier quote can end up costing you a lot over the life of your contract.   Ask for a detailed quote, and if your rep balks, you should probably move on until you find someone you trust.   Give me a call for down-to-earth advice and your Jacksonville copier needs.