How to Choose A Copier When Cash Counts

Jacksonville Copiers and Your Cash

Jacksonville Copiers and Your Cash

Buying the right copier for your needs can be difficult.  If there was one “best copier” for every Jacksonville, business, church, non-profit, and school, selling Jacksonville copiers would be easy!   I’d just show you the best one, you could do your research, and you’d buy it.   However, like cars, what you need for your specific needs is unique to your workspace, print volume, number of users, and the big one: your budget.

First, I look at your workspace.   Will a free-standing large MFP take up too much room?   Is your office spread out over a couple floors?   If it is a multiple-level office, maybe two smaller machines (one on each floor) would make your office more efficient and save your wage cost.

Second, I look at your print volume.   How many copies do you do each month.   If it’s around 5,000, I’ll recommend a much different copier than I will if you’re printing 10,000 copies.   You can buy a 10,000 page per month copier, but you’ll be paying for a dump truck when all you really need is 1/2 ton pickup.   Unlike cars, most people don’t know their actual needs, so they end up overbuying through ignorance or a copier rep who doesn’t have their best interest in mind.

Third, I look at the number of users.   If you have lots of people making copies, two smaller, fast copiers placed strategically in your building will probably be more efficient.   If however, you have large print volumes with a couple employees, one large, fast machine will probably meet your needs best.

Fourth, I look at your budget.   Do you want to make an expensive copier purchase that will eventually save you (quite a bit) of money in the long run?   Or would you rather just lease equipment and pay less up front?

These are some of the questions I ask Jacksonville customers.   If you can ask yourself these questions, you’ll know what you’re looking for when you call.   I’ll list the pros and cons of copiers I show you…the more you know what you’re looking for, the happier you’ll be with the solutions I propose!