Coverage, Color, and Your Copier

Jacksonville Color Copiers and Coverage

Jacksonville Color Copiers and Coverage

Color copies can break the bank.   If you have your own color copier here in Jacksonville, you know what I’m talking about.   The toner for color copiers and MFPs is expensive.   You may look at the spec sheet of your copier and think something like “wow, I’m not getting the amount of prints I should be getting from my toner!”   This is most likely because you’re printing high-coverage copies.

Coverage is determined by how much of each color you’re using.   The common industry standard is 20%.   That is added percentage however!    It’s 5% Cyan, 5% Magenta, 5% Yellow, and 5% Black.   That means for a page with lots of color on it, you can easily be over 150% on your coverage!   That’s much more per sheet than your copier sales person will tell you!   Buying a cheaper color copier will definitely come back to bite you where you don’t want to be bitten!   The less expensive a color copier is, the more expensive the toner (almost always).   This is why lower volume with high coverage copying may actually be better off with a more expensive copier!

It may be a good idea to look at compatibles if graphics department image quality isn’t a must.   The OEM toner for your Jacksonville copier is almost always the best.   However, if price is an factor, you’re generally better off figuring out what your coverages are, buying compatibles, and working with a sales rep who understands what copier is gong to save you money on your color prints over the long haul.   Give us a call for advice and analysis of your color copier needs.