Do I Need a Tabloid Copier?

If you want to get the best price you can on a copier then you need to make sure that you are getting the right machine. It can be difficult to discern exactly what is the perfect fit, but there are some places you can start to help you narrow it down. One of the biggest things you need to determine is if you need a tabloid copier. Tabloid copiers are amazing machines, but they aren’t the right fit for everyone.

A tabloid copier will gibe you the options to do more than you would with a standard copier. A tabloid copier is another way of saying that it is a copier that can handle A3 paper. A3 paper is bigger than standard printer paper and measures at 11″ x 17″. This is the perfect solution for people who regularly print large sizes for things like media or promotion.

Deceding if you need a tabloid copier can be a huge factor in how much money you are spending. Tabloid copiers are generally able to offer more than you would otherwise be able to accomplish. However, they come with a much higher price tag. A tabloid copier could easy cost you an extra $5000 during the extent of your lease.

However, that higher price does give you benefits.

  • More choices of media sizes
  • Greater color spectrum
  • Higher print resolution
  • Faster print speeds
  • More customability

If your business is in need of a tabloid copier then there is not substitute. Come and see us at Jacksonville Copier today to get a great lease on a tabloid copier.