Jacksonville Ricoh Copiers – 2 Click versus 1 Click

If your organization is one that uses Tabloid prints/papers, you should know about the 2 click versus the 1 click and how it relates to the copier industry. In case you forgot or you simply don’t know, the Tabloid is an 11 x 17 size paper that is 2x the size of an 8.5 x 11 paper. Many copier manufacturers will count the Tabloid as 2 clicks. Many manufacturers and representatives may falsely believe that anything that gets printed or copied counters as 1 click. Some of them may lead you on to believe that everything counters as 1 click, whether inadvertently or purposely; either way, it is important to know that Tabloid prints often count as 2 clicks. If your organization is printing a lot of Tabloid papers, those 2 clicks are actually significant in costs. Here’s how:

If you had color prints $.075 per print, and your organization did 1,000 Tabloid prints per month, the manufacturer who subscribes to the 2 click philosophy would charge you an extra $75 a month. The 2 click philosophy would cost you $4500 over the course of 5 years. If you work with a lot of color Tabloids, you want to find a dealer that will counter your Tabloid prints at 1 click.