A Clean Copier is a Happy Copier

For some reason businesses seem to take for granted that they should keep their copier clean if they want to be able to keep around for a long time and keep it running at a high level. They seem to think that the semi regular check ups from the technician will be enough to keep their copier from deteriorating at an unacceptable rate. From what we have seen though, it is a much better idea to give your copier regular cleaning so that it will perform at a high level for a long and fulfilling time. 

It is not that maintaining a copier needs to be a long and arduous process. simple things like turning the copier off when it won’t be getting used for longer amounts of time and keeping it covered when it is off, will keep a lot of harmful dust from interacting with your machine. Putting a cheesecloth over the air intake will also keep dust from getting into the inner parts of  your copier. Just wiping the optic area with some glass cleaner will keep your prints sharper looking and will keep grime and dirt away from your machine. Another trick is to put a silica gel packet in the paper tray so that moisture won’t build up in the machine.

Simple techniques like this will keep your Jacksonville area copier a much better copier for a long amount of time. give us a call at (904) 207-7078 for your copier needs.