Used Copiers in Jacksonville

Should I buy a new or used copier in Jacksonville?

Every business needs some type of copier. This isn’t any different in Jacksonville as it is in the rest of the country. When your business needs this machine, there are several areas to pursue. You could buy new, buy used, or lease a copier. Many business owners prefer to own their copiers, so they want to purchase one. Should it be new or used?

New Copier

Buying a brand new copier in Jacksonville can be as thrilling as purchasing a new car. As with cars, there might be features and functions that you don’t want. Be aware of the needs of your business when purchasing a new machine. The big 14 by 14 inch screen may not be needed for typical use. The ability to copy color is another function that could cost more money. New machines are under warranty, so if it breaks it can be replaced.

Used Copier

Be aware that used copiers generally have seen much use. These machines can be anywhere from a few months old to over ten years. When considering a purchase of one, continue to keep in mind the needs of your business. How many copies can the machine handle? Does it come with any type of warranty? How much are the supplies? These questions should always be asked.

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