Your Jacksonville Copier And The Free Upgrade: To Accept Or Not To Accept?

It's very tempting to go for the "free upgrade" on a Jacksonville copier, but it may pay to wait!

Don’t be a sucker like many businesses and fall for the free upgrade trick 6 months before your Jacksonville copier lease is up! This is a classic tactic, and some companies will try all sorts of things to get you rolled into another lease. Payment forgiveness, extra supplies, newer equipment, etc for your Jacksonville copier are just a few things they will use to try to roll you over again! If you fall for it, you eliminate the competition, who will generally offer you lower monthly payments because they want your business! They may try the same tricks in 5 years on the same Jacksonville copier, but you’ll be ready for them! Here are a few bullets they have in their pouch:

  • Getting discounts from equipment manufacturers they don’t pass on
  • Getting deals from leasing companies up to a thousand dollars to lock you in again
  • Lower prices on consumables with advancing technology
And do you think you see any of these benefits when buying a copier in Jacksonville? NO!! It’s all a smoking mirrors game where you don’t know what you’re actually paying, and if you don’t know what you’re paying for you’re paying too much! Educate your business on these tricks and think twice before accepting deals that are too good to be true on Jacksonville copiers!!