Don’t Let B&W Count As Color! Let Your Jacksonville Copier Work FOR Your Budget

Save On Black And White By Not Getting Charged Color Instead! Jacksonville Copier Secrets At Their Best

Do you know what 20% coverage means on your Jacksonville copier? It means that it’s really 5% of each color–NOT 20% of the entire page covered in color! You can have 400% coverage–did you know that? There are a lot of little tips and tricks that Jacksonville copier reps use to drain your bank account, and coverage ambiguity is one of them. The less you know the more you pay when it comes to Jacksonville copiers! Here are some other ways to not know that you’re getting charged color or how much:

  • Do you use grayscale? That counts as color because there are small color dots
  • Does anyone in the office have the permissions to print color?
  • Do you have even one word, link, or email address that’s color?

Any one of those things can make a page count as color, so it’s worth a lot to your checkbook to see if you’re falling for any of the classic Jacksonville copier rep tricks to get your costs and color count as high as possible. A little time and effort and reviewing your contract can save you big time, so if hundreds or even thousands of dollars is worth it to you, you’ll take a look at your current Jacksonville copier environment in your workgroup and start saving today!