Buying a Used Copier – Liabilities

How the Right New Copier Can be Cheaper than a Used Copier

If you are looking for a used copier in Jacksonville, maybe you need to put the brakes on a bit.  The idea of buying used makes a lot of sense, especially when the budgets are tight, however, sometimes there are financial reasons you should not be considering used at all.

When should you not consider used copiers in Jacksonville?

  • If you print a lot of color and it’s business color and not tabloid color.  The Phaser 8860MFP by Xerox would actually make a lot more sense in this situation.
  • When color quality is a real high priority (as copiers are used, there is a natural degragation of quality and if color qualuty matters a lot, not a good idea)
  • When you run low volumes of color (you can get a new color mfp for under $1,000 and if the volume is less than 500 color pages a month, this makes a lot of sense.)

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