Don’t Take Chances on Your Color Copier Supplies

Don't gamble on color copier supplies in Jacksonville.

Don't gamble on color copier supplies in Jacksonville.

Copier supplies, especially color copier supplies, can really take a chunk out of your budget if you own your own copier.   This has caused a lot of offices who use compatible toner for their printers to consider using it for their color copiers in Jacksonville.   While compatibles, especially in color, have come a long way in terms of quality and price, they are not good for your color copies.

Color copiers are (1) quite a bit more expensive than your color printer, so saving $20 bucks on a cartridge that could damage your $15,000 dollar machine doesn’t make much sense.   (2) Color copiers are way more complex in their technology.   Having a slightly different chemical composition than it’s designed for, can cause the toner to melt onto your print, can mess up your color copy (and more importantly) your color copier.

The savings you can get from compatibles, even high-quality warrantied compatible cartridges, aren’t worth it if the integrity of your color copier, quality prints, and expensive repairs are important to you.   Toner suppliers make a lot more money off of compatibles, and for most printing applications, they’re actually a great deal.   If, however, they try to tell you they’re just as good for color copiers in Jacksonville, tell them to take a hike!   Give me a call for information on the best color copier for your needs here in Jacksonville.