If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing, It Will Always Take Longer

Jacksonville Copiers and Training: They Go Hand in Hand

Jacksonville Copiers and Training: They Go Hand in Hand

My father wasn’t a member of Mensa, but he did know the value of knowin’ what yer doin’.   This leads me to one thing always causes me to shake my head.   Most customers spend thousands of their hard-earned dollars on their copier here in Jacksonville. However, very few customers take the time to get training on the new device.  This seems kind of crazy because for the $200 to $400 for training and installation, you can learn how to speed up your daily tasks to take only half the time or so.  Of course many companies selling copiers will say the training and install are free (when they should say it’s included in the price).   Let’s look at some common ways training could help you…

First, let’s say you are wanting to print some color copy flyers for your sales reps, but you only want 1/4 page flyers.  You have the promo file, and what do people do in the real world?  They print it, then shrink it, then shrink it again, then cut it, then paste it, then copy it…etc. Besides being a lot of extra work and time, the copy quality gets worse and worse.  With a little training, you would know to make four copies, use the paper saver (where the copier does the calculating), and turn it into four nice hand flyers?  You can do it in a fraction of the time, and if you’re an office manager, you’re don’t have to watch employees waste time you’re paying for!

There are lots of other little things like margin shift, booklet creation, edge erasing, fax forwarding, document boxes, and many more features out there.  So if there is some function you need to do often with your copiers, there is almost assuredly a shortcut out there. Getting trained and becoming comfortable with the features your copier already has will save you lots of time, paper, and toner.   If you have a copier contract coming up and want to discuss what technology there is out there, give us a call today.  We make saving time and money on copiers in Jacksonville our business!